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Hood rat world record holding g-ed up players love killin' it wit the hottest rappers in the hood!

World Records in the Hizzouse!

Facts About www [dot] Players Best Not Hating on the Longest Domain Name in The World, SUCKA FOOL [dot] Info

FACT: No one has ever reached this website by accidentally mispelling the address of another website.

FACT: The maximum number of characters allowed in a domain name is 63. This domain name has 63 letters.

FACT: Other websites claim to hold the record for longest domain name in the world. These sites are frontin'!

FACT: Since this site ends in .info it is actually 1 letter longer than the other sites claiming to be the longest with .com domain names.

FACT: Some people would argue that you could register a domain name in Brazil, for example, and have it be 63 letters and end it in, which would be longer than .info. To these people I say that only 1st world countries count in the race to be "the longest domain name in the world."

FACT: Other people would follow up by asking, "what about a domain ending in" To them I would again respond that only First World Countries count. Sorry Britain, with teeth like those, you guys can hardly be considered First World!

FACT: Time spent surfing this website is time that you will never get back ever again.

FACT: There is no reason for this site to exist, and by extension there is no reason for you to be here reading about our ridiculous claims to a variety of totally pointless World's Records.

FACT: All claims to World's Records on this site are unofficial, unofficially.

FACT: Any apparent typos, or apparently accidental mispellings found on this site were actually intentional. Dat's cuz we be so gangsta we ain't gotts to be listenin to nobody, fool!

Disclaimer about this website and the unnofizzle claims made unofficially on this website!

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