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Hood rat world record holding g-ed up players love killin' it wit the hottest rappers in the hood!

World Records in the Hizzouse!

The Most Awesome Photo in the World!

Gangsta internet world record for the best & most awesome photograph in the world!

This photograph is so awesome that you need to not think about it too much or it might blow your mind. In order to keep you from over-straining your brain we provide an in depth analysis of this image for you as to why this image is the Most Awesome photo in the World!

Here are just a few reasons why this photo is most awesome photo in the world!

  • It has the word "awesome" right in the photo
  • The painting is done in a completely oversentinmental Kitsch style.
  • The painting is of a rock band at a stadium concert.
  • The keyboard players are robots.

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