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Ryan Capes World Record Motorcycle Jumps Video!

Ryan Capes is no doubt inspired by the legendary Evel Knievel, known for his gound breaking stunts. Capes tells us, "Evil Knevel once said no man can jump over 300 feet." Maybe Capes took that as a challenge for the Motorcyle World recored he set for World's longest Ramp to Dirt Jump. A pretty amazing accomplishment. Enjoy this video that shows that record setting jump and other amazing motorbike jumps that Capes has done in his career.

So here is a list of the World Record Jumps shown in this video!

  • World's longest ramp to dirt jump 310 feet
  • World Record Ramp to Ramp Jump 187 Feet (120 Harleys) in 2006
  • World Record Ramp to Ramp w/ trick 202 Feet
  • Evel Knievel passes the torch 246 feet (5 Heavy Duty Dump Trucks)

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