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Slurpee Drinking World Record

While seemingly simple, this world record is actually more difficult than it seems. The challenge, drink as many 6 ounce 7-Eleven slurpees as possible in one minute. The difficult part of all this is not drinking the Slurpees, but avoiding the Brain-Freeze. Brain Freeze can set in at any point, but is even more likely when drinking this frozen treat in a rapid manner. The likelihood of Brain Freeze is very high in this case given that any aspiring record breaker will have to drink very quickly.

6 Ounce SLurpee cup, if you drink enough of these fast enough you will still get a brain Freeze. 7-Eleven is not liable!

As the video states, this contest was hosted by AOL. I wonder two things 1) What is AOL's tie to 7-Eleven? and 2) What flavor Slurpee were they using? I wonder whether there would be any difference caused by using another Slurpee flavor. Coke should have gotten in on this to Make it a Coke Slurpee.

Here are some links that won't cause Brain Freeze: Baby Questions | Biggest Big Gulp Sizes | I Love NY Souvenirs | Your Cat on Slurpees

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